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... lets try this again

I recently discovered Glee and reading Puck/Kurt Fanfiction is now a not so secret obsession of mine. I decided I needed an outlet, so I revived my LJ - lets see how this goes :-)
Another thing I don't do too much...

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.
Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.
You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!
People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

I promised a story...

Somewhat Damaged

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Harry/Ron

Warnings: Slash! some bad language, character death

Rating: PG-13 only to be sure (some bad language)

Disclaimer: The Characters are not mine – sadly. They belong to JKR. I'm not making any money with this (or anything else), just check my bank account...

Archive: Yes to list archives, everyone else – ask and thou wilt receive

Feedback: Pretty please? With sugar on it? purrrrrr

Authors note: This fic demanded to be written. I don't like songfics, POV, character death and PG13 ratings – and that's what happened. Can't argue with a story that's already there...

Credits for the song go to Trent Reznor and NIN.

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Have you heard about this?

I don't usually post bulletins, but I think this is important.

Zach is a 16 old guy who came out to his parents. They didn't like it and sent him to a christian "get straight" camp. His friends (and people all over the world) try to get him out. He posted the rules of the camp in his Blog. People are protesting against it




This are some of the more interesting ressources I found.

If you are christian or not, pro or anti gay - this is just wrong.


I decided to write again - not only journalling, I also want to write stories again. I have this idea for a whole cycle of Harry Potter slash fiction (yah, I know, very mainstreamish. Could be worse though - I could be listening to Gakht) that is inspired by trent Reznors Lyrics. I'll post the first one in a backdated entry - maybe someone likes it...

I decided not to care who reads this. I'm not going to limit my vocab, I'm not going to pretend that I'm something I'm not - and posting my fiction here will be part of it.

So comment on my stuff all you want.




I saw Nine Inch Nails yesterday!! I still think they where a lot better at Forestglade in 2000, but I enjoyed this immensly. Trent looks better - I'm not hot for skinny guys and he looks gorgeous with all that muscle packed on. I got a spot in the front row, so I got a nice view - and nobody complained about me drooling on his back. This was the first time in a while that I was happy not to be pregnant, the pressure from the back was enormous.

Sadly they didn't play somewhat damaged - one of my all time favourites. I was pleasantly surprised by the supporting group, the dresden dolls. They call themselves a "gay mime band" on their website and they are extremely cute - and they rock. At least live they do....

We came home at 1:30 last night and I had to be up at 5:30 to do the laundry (don't ask) - please tell me why I wasn't able to sleep through? I had less than three hours of sleep - I'm scared my head will hit the keybord if I go on for much longer.

a really weird dream

OK, I normally don't pay a lot of attention to my dreams, but this one was so strange, I just had to write it down. I told Chris the whole thing and thats why I still remember most of it.

I had to do the laundry this morning at 6'o clock (don't ask!), so when I was done at 12 I went back to bed and fell asleep.

I'm in Vienna and in america and the dream is in english. A couple asks me for the way to the shopping mall. I know the couple and I don't know them. I show them the way and because I have to go there too I get into the subway with them. The Subway is pulled by horses and its up in the air. We stop often and it takes quite some time to get were we want to go. We stop for lunch; I know our guide and I don't know him. He is Eddie (Trekleader from our trek)and he isn't (kinda hard to explain) and we have burgers for lunch.

Lunch takes place in a private appartment - I know the owner and I don't know the owner. He blows a wistle and the subway starts falling down. I climb out the window and down the house. I whatch people in long gowns walk around...

I wake up in a library. I know that I'm not allowed to move even though this rule has not been explained to me. I sit on the edge of a bench and I start slipping while more people in robes walk past. I'm not allowed to even twitch a muscle, how do I get back up? I fall.
One of the guards picks me up and I know he's supposed to shock me with his cattle prod, but he doesn't. I know the guard and I don't know him, by the way.

I remain silent (after all, talking would be worse!) while the guard pushes me to a wall and holds me down and bites me on my right upper arm. I don't know why, this is really friendly of him.
He pushes me into a small room with a desk, a chair and some toys where I'm not beeing watched. I don't move, I grab the back of a chair to hold on to and I fight unconciousness. I think the bite changed something. The guard comes back and takes me back to the room with the people in it. I sit down on a chair and even though I'm still not allowed to move, everything gets a lot easier and the guard sits down next to me and explaines some of whats going on.

I know I can wake up, all of a sudden, and I do.

I wake up in my own bed, stiff fron not moving.

Anyone got any Ideas?? I'm puzzled...

A very long day

I thought getting up at 4:30 would be hard - it wasn't. I woke up at 3 am and had time to read a story, check my e-mails, do the dishes, have breakfast and double-check my carry on bag.

We left at 5:15, ontuesday morning. Check in went pretty smooth until the flight attendant messed up my name. She wrote "Christian Beck" on my tickets and had to change it. I would have been a bit concerned if this hadm't happened, 'cause there's allway trouble...

For our flight to Heathrow we had a window seat behind the wing on the right side. The flight was nice, took about 2 1/2 hours . We got breakfast on the plane - hot cheese sandwiches (Christian had ham and cheese), some fruit salad and lemon muffins. Who ever said that food on airplanes wasn't good??

We had to get from terminal 4 to terminal 3 in heathrow, the transfer was surprisingly short. We found someone from American Airlines to change the name on my boarding pass (the lady from british didn't get into their computer systhem) and we didn't notice that he put us in two different rows. I tried to switch places on the plane, but the lady I changed with wasn't happy about it. She did it anyway ;-)
Thanx again, wherever you are :-)

We had some time to freshen up at heathrow. I tried to find a small souvenier for my mom, but I didn't find anything. I'll give her the shortbread fom the plane. She'll like it.

We saw Shrek 2 and Mean Girls on our 7:30 flight to New York. Chris had Chicken, I had Pasta (both far from excellent), but I got the better dessert. Instead of chocolate pudding cake loaded with calories, I had a small cake made rom nuts and dried fruit. (Second meal was delicious cheese pizza with grapes)

In NY we had to go through immigration and re-check our bags after customs, but we still had three hours to kill. I managed to put my legs up and Christian listened to the radio.
We did have seats together on the next flight and the guy who sat in the same row got an emergency call and decidet to sta in new York, so we had the whole row and where able to stretch our legs. The in flight movie was - you guessed it - Shrek 2. I had some Vegan rice and veggies and some cantaloupe or dessert, Christian had spinache and cheese pasta and some cake.
We arrived after 6:10 hours, but since we already did the immigration stuff in NY, luggage pick up was fast and the shuttle got us to the hotel.

We found a small convenient store and bought some water. I got to shower first - so I got all the cold water. I took an icy shower (wasn't bad but...) and Christian got all the warm water - it finally warmed up after my shower. Then we fell asleep for 6 hours. At home, it's 9 in the morning on the next day.

Its weird beeing back. The door open in the wong directions, doorhandles turn the wrong way - its the little things that make the difference

of perfect days and great workouts

Did you ever notice that a workout on a perfect day just can't be bad?

Yesterday went so good - we booked our vacation and I was feeling giggly the whole day. The Kids at work pestered me, but I just didn't care. Knowing that I'd be on vacation in less than a month made it better ;-)

A perfect day like that just can't be ruined by everyday stuff. If a day starts out great, it can't go completely wrong. Of course, big stuff could happen - but it usually doesn't. How come that we know when we get up (or after breakfast, at least) if this is going to be a good, a bad or "one of these days"? You make you own day. Thats what I think. If your mood is good, little things will get done a lot easier and won't annoy you for the rest of the day - just because they are done.

I went to the gym last night and worked my ass off - 15 min on the stairmaster, 1:30 machine training, 1:30 yoga. I never once hurt during my workout, I was able to use higher weights than usual (and therefor am sore today...) and I  did the "crow" Position for almost 1 second (It's a handstand with your hands between your legs and the calves resting on your upper arms - yoga positions can be found here) which was great. Couldn't do the crocodile, though :-(

Anyway, hoping to have another day like this very soon :-)


America, here I come!!!!!

We're going to America *Vee singing - I lke to be in America...*

We've been planning to do this for a while now, but today we made it final - our vacation will be a Trek America trip through the pacific North West. We (chris and I, that is) will be in Seattle from aug 17th to 19th, then be on a cool tour for two weeks and after that in San Fransisco for three days.
I'm so excited (and I just can't hide it *Vee singing again...*) about this - I promise to keep a paper journal, though and I will write it in this one afterwards :-)

My passport has arrived, I picked it up already (cute picture!), the flight is booked, the tour is booked - I dunno what else to say. Woohoo!

You can view the trip here 

Vee *still singing* - this is going to be a great day!!



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